Daily Langar’s Tiffin Seva for Elderly Orphans, Handicapped & Blind

Daily Langar’s Tiffin Seva for Elderly Orphans, Handicapped & Blind

Poverty, family disputes, endemic diseases & poor maternal health care, all are contributing to turning a large number of old-aged & blind citizens into impoverished every year. Poor old aged & blind people undergo great difficulties lacking & logging in love and affection and always are into mental stress & strain. Many elderly women in India suffer from poverty, isolation, and social exclusion. Especially blind people who are living alone face many difficulties even to arrange 2 times food for their survival.

Our initiative “Daily Langar” is designed to reduce “Hunger Deaths” & “Starvation”.  Art of helping foundation is aiming to help senior citizens & blind needy people by supporting their daily food needs. We take it as our moral duty to at least fulfill their 2 times food requirements which they need to stay alive and healthy.

To keep them physically active and most importantly to maintain their dignity, AOHF will also be working towards creating small earning opportunities for capable beneficiaries to help them progress their remaining life with dignity.

Sponsor 1 Elderly/Blind for 1 Meal = INR 51
Sponsor 1 Elderly/Blind for 1 Month = INR 3100
Sponsor 1 Elderly/Blind for 1 Year = INR 37,200

(You can contribute any amount of your with to support this initiative, the above costs are just for reference.)

By the year 2023, we are aiming to take responsibility for nearly 200 needy elderly citizens.

Target Budget:
500 Elderly x INR 37,200/per year
= INR 1,86,00,000

We request you to donate generously for their well-being towards remaining life. Your donation helps to make a difference and create hope in their lives.