About Us

With the growing population of the world, it is really becoming difficult for us humans to maintain the balance between development, the environment, and humanity.

Because of the rising wars of expanding borders and becoming a superpower, we have ignored the only quality of our species i.e Love & Humanity.

Art of Helping Foundation was formed with a vision to restore the balance of the world. We understand that one person cannot change the world or its ways alone.

The reason why Art of Helping Foundation aims to become a community of enthusiastic and passionate people who want to make this world a better place by using the ART of helping others.

Our vision is to make this world a livable place for all people.

We aim to provide all essential facilities to the underprivileged & neglected members of our society. While taking care of the needs of the members of our society, Art of Helping Foundation also aims to help preserve the environment so that our future generations can also live a healthy and prosperous life.

Art of Helping Foundation is registered with the Central Government of India as a Not for Profit Company (Section 8 company, previously called Section 25 company). Being registered as a section 8 company – Non-Governmental

Organization (NGO) we are committed to following complete transparency and authenticity to ensure our donors that their donations are being used for the right cause.

Art of Helping Foundation has designed its objectives in a way that allows us to support needy people in all areas. Right from providing food, healthcare, and other essential support for livelihood, to training and providing jobs to secure their future and help them live with pride in the society. We believe

that every person deserves help and support from society. Art of Helping Foundation is always there to provide all necessary support to them. At the same time, we prepare and train them to be self-sufficient and independent.

Our objectives mainly include:

  • Supplying nutritious food & clean water to poor/underprivileged people
  • Providing education to all children, men and women
  • Provide primary healthcare to all needy people
  • Identify and support gifted children in all areas to help them become socially aware citizens
  • Provide skill development and employment facilities to men, women & children
  • Create awareness about the clean environment & planned parenthood
  • Carry out environmental protection and betterment activities
  • Organize awareness programs for life-threatening diseases like AIDS, Cancer, etc.
  • Carry out awareness programs on public safety and security topics

We understand that all these objectives might sound too much for a single NGO. And it is going to be difficult for a newly formed Non-Governmental Organization like us.

But, we are not going to do this alone! We will help and support other small, medium, large NGOs who share the same objectives as ours and wish to work genuinely for the betterment of the world. Art of Helping Foundation will identify and analyze honest and genuine NGO’s who require help taking their work forward. AOHF will help these NGO’s execute world-changing activities on larger levels. We will not only fund or support those organizations but we will work and stand with them side by side. We believe that together we can make a better and bigger impact on the social problems.

Mrs Surekha PatilFounder - Director
Mr Deepankar PatilFounder - Director
Vaishnavi Ghanshyam BhutadaFood Officer
Poonam Dnyandeo JadhavMember
Deepak Ganesh SubhedarMember
Pravin Sampat KatkarMember