Mr Deepankar Patil

Deepankar was passionate about Social Work and public welfare from long before the establishment of the Art of Helping Foundation. He carried out his first activity of food distribution back in 2011 and never stopped doing so for the next decade. He came from lower-middle-class family background and had suffered a lot of problems himself so had empathy for people who are suffering the same. Deepankar Patil along with the support of his mother, family, close friends & advisors established an NGO named Art of Helping Foundation (AOHF) in 2018 and decided to devote his life to change the lives of millions of people in need.

He is also a UI/UX Designer, Graphics Designer, Product Designer, Photographer, Digital Marketer, and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who runs a venture comapny named DSR Patil Ventures. Deepankar is also working on multiple digital products to help masses of businesses and the general public overcome the basic marketing challenges of a newly started business.